Why you should avoid online casino bonuses

Posted by on Feb 3, 2016 in online casino

Online gambling has become a lucrative industry, with a number of players that increases every day, as well as the number of the casinos offering all sorts of casino games. Because the competition is high and constantly rising, all online casinos offer various bonuses with their games, all in order to attract new players and keep the old ones. Bonuses are often quite high and may seem very tempting, but believe it or not, there are many reasons why you should avoid accepting them.

children_gambling_0227Every online casino offers a “welcome bonus” to their new players, and it is usually as high as 100% of the first deposit. This means that, if you deposit $500, you will have $1000 on your account. However, every bonus comes with terms and conditions of its use, and there lies the reason of avoiding the bonuses. There are two specific terms and conditions you need to pay attention to before accepting the bonus: the first refers to wagering requirements, and the second to the games that do not count towards wagering requirements.

Wagering requirements refer to the requirements you need to fulfill before you are able to cash out what you have won. They are different in every online casino, but the principle is the same. Typically, wagering requirements are 25x the bonus, which means that if you receive a $100 bonus, you will need to win at least $2500 before the casino allows you to cash out. If you try to withdraw the money before you have met the wagering requirements, your request will be denied. It is even worse if you lose all the deposit and the bonus on online casino games, because this way you will need to deposit more money if you want to go on gambling and meet the wagering requirements. It is both financially demanding, and potentially addictive.

group-of-men-and-women-at-casino-tableYou need to pay attention which games count towards wagering requirements. Typically, online roulette does not count towards them, because this game is classified as being easy to wager. This means that it is considered a as a game where it would be easy to reach the wagering requirements by implementing “low risk” gambling strategies. Therefore, wagering requirements are usually aimed at online jackpot pokies, bingo and similar games of fortune.

In order to avoid the inconveniences, it is recommended that you notify the online casino that you do not want to receive the bonus. You can do it by email, phone or live chat, and every reputable online casino offers these services under Customer Support or Contact Us section. You should do it before making the first deposit, because otherwise you will automatically receive the bonus and will be required to meet the wagering requirements.

utah-gambling-addiction-treatment-centerTerms and conditions are specified on every online casino website. Therefore, there is no reason not to read them and pay attention to the possible difficulties and conditions that may make gambling a very unpleasant experience. There is a joke that the most common lie we all use is “I have read and understood the Terms and Conditions”, but in this case, it is necessary to both read them and understand them before you decide to accept the bonus.

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Three reasons why online gambling is better than real life gambling

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Gamble-OnlineAs a fan of history and fan of gambling, I started to research about these two unrelated things. To be more specific, I started to research are there some common things about these, from my perspective, unrelated things. To be fair, history is subject of discussion  for many years and gambling is a hobby that some people enjoy. Why would these thing have something in common? Well you would be surprised what I learn in meantime. Did you know that Nixon was a passionate gambler? As a matter of a fact, his election campaign was financed by his earnings in poker games that he played during the World War II. Did you know that The Great Wall of China was rebuilt by money earned from a game called keno?

Did you know that there is still a n argument between French and Italian about who invented blackjack? All these information are interesting. And I am glad that I learned something new. But this is not the point. What I am trying to say that you cannot criticizes something that you don’t know. Recently someone said to me that he didn’t see point in my online gambling. He said that it was a waste of time and that I couldn’t have the same experience as playing in bricks & mortar (regular) casino. I don’t see that as a valid point because, why would you talk about something if you didn’t have a clue about that? I will give you three reasons, why online gambling is better than real life gambling. Those three reasons are comfort of your home, free bonuses and no prejudice about new players.

social-casinoFor comfort of your home I don’t need to explain a lot. Online gambling is for everyone and for everywhere. You don’t need to go to regular casinos and play your favorite games. You could do that from your house. And don’t forget you don’t have to buy expensive drinks and worry about smoking bans or dress code. It’s your house and it’s your rules. And that doesn’t stop there. Because of this era of modern technologies you can play anywhere with WIFI connection. So you don’t need computer for online gambling. You could gamble with your android, tablet or iPhone.

1803636If we talk about bonuses, I could give you explanation with one sentence. Online pokies casinos give you free money if you are regular customer. That’s not big money, but if you are loyal to your online casinos they will reward you. You could get bonuses for registering on websites or if you played a lot of games on their website.

Third reason is no prejudice. How do you mean? Well, if you are new guy who wants to learn to play poker, blackjack or something third you could play and train for the harder parties with more experienced players. It won’t be like in those situations when you were a child and older kids wouldn’t play with you because you were smaller or something.

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Other solutions in online gambling world

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Online-GamblingIf you don’t know where you can bet for money, look no further. Online casinos are solution to your problems. This thing can make you really happy. Of course if you know how to play and if you win some money. What you need to know about online casinos if you want, for example to play some poker. First thing you need to do is to register on some online casino website. I don’t have some to recommend because I tried them all, and they are all very good. After you register on website, log in to website with your username and password and leave some money on your account. Then you will have wide range of tables for poker. But not only poker. There are other regular bricks & mortar casino games. If you don’t know, brick & mortar is term for regular casinos. You learn some things when you play poker for money. When you find empty table go and join the party. Also, you don’t have to play on pc, you can play as well on your android, mobile, or iPhone and as I said earlier you have other games as well on these websites. Also to mention, playing games online have one huge advantage. If you are smoker, you don’t need to think about smoking bans. But what if you are not poker fan and what if you don’t like other casino games. What if you like slot machines. Well there is also an option for that.

022364-470-computer_pokerYou see, if you went to some of these sites you maybe saw term called pokies. Well, that’s your slot machines. Pokies are same thing as fruits. And it is possible o play it online with your mobile. As a matter of a fact, mobile pokies are in some places more popular than poker and blackjack.  Maybe because mobile pokies are more convenient than other games. It’s a really simple game and you all know the rules. Pull a lever and wait for three or more same signs or symbols. Some might say an idiot can play this game, but it has some complications in it. Everyone has tactics when play mobile pokies, and you should too. But what is so special in this game you ask? Well, as an experienced player I have only good things to say about it. I personally like no pressure. You know when play poker and you must face some stressful situations. If you want to bluff or if you are no sure that your opponent has better cards than you. Well here, only thing to do is simply sit back and relax. And what’s important for this game is that you could first play it for free, before you learn all the rules of a game. Just simply download on your mobile variety of different pokies. One of the most played pokies are Slotomania, Thunderstruck and Mermaid Millions. There are even TV themed pokies. Pokies with your favorite TV shows such as The Game of Thrones.

AboutBrasil_Trivia_Online_Gambling_SoccerSo if you are wondering could you do in world of online gambling, you found your solution.

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Learn how to gamble online

Posted by on Feb 3, 2016 in online casino

Poker_Chips_computerThere is a correct way for anything you do, and that applies to online gambling as well. Jumping into the world of online gambling after seeing your first online casino or online pokies ad is definitely not the right way to do it. To teach you how to enter the world of online gambling and to understand everything that is placed before your eyes is my mission in this article. I will give you step by step guide which will be written in plain and easily understandable way.

  • First step should be picking out the game type you are interested in. There are many different online gambling games and many online casinos specialize in one of them. They have all other games as well, but they place more focus on those certain types. If you don’t know anything about those games go on web and read about each of them.
  • There are casinos that are run on different platforms which will affect gaming quality depending on specs of your computer as well as your download speed. Your geographical position is important for smooth run of your games. So, you should check for the location of online casinos server.
  • Look more closely into bonuses the casino offers. What type of requirements their bonuses have as well as additional benefits that come with other types of bonuses. Check for tournaments and bonuses they provide as well.Bet-Casino-Online
  • There are many players who have small or no understanding of English language. If you are one of those you should check for language accessibility of the casino. Serious online casinos will support more than 10 languages. And this is a good way to see which online casino is good and which isn’t. If online casino supports only English language that means that they do not care about their players and their needs.
  • There are many professional sites that are doing reviews on online casinos. You should check those reviews before you make your deposit. There are some sites that are paid to write positive reviews, so be careful in your search. If you ask me for an advice on which review sites you should trust and which not then I can give you small but valuable advice on how I do it. For trusted online casino review sites I will point out Casino Advisor. For bad and not so trustworthy review sites I would point out majority of sites who have Top 10 or something similar in their name.
  • Always look for user feedback before you join casino. Angry people will write all that is on their mind and you can read it and see what is wrong with which casino.
  • Try the support of the online casino. Quality of their support reflects their overall quality.
  • The best online casinos have free accounts which will allow you to try their games without paying anything.

1126_NJ_online_gambling_630x420And finally don’t get upset if you lose at the beginning. If you accept the welcome bonus don’t get surprised if you lose it all. And check the requirements of that bonus, they are more than often left out and tucked somewhere else.

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Common misconceptions about online slots

Posted by on Feb 3, 2016 in online casino

There are many casino games available in both classic and online casinos, and with the opportunities offered by the Internet and different animation methods, the choice of online casino games is even larger online than it is in traditional casinos. Certainly one of the most important types of casino games is progressive jackpot pokies, which can be found on every gambling website there s, in different forms and designs. Just like many misconceptions have followed land-based pokies machines, the case is the same online pokies. Here are some of the most common and the most wide-known misconceptions about this popular casino game:

                beat-the-slot-machineCycle of payoffs – this is probably the most common misconception among the pokies players all over the world. There is a theory among gamblers stating that pokies machines are preprogrammed so that they have a cycle of payoffs. This story was around long before the online pokies have appeared, and naturally, it has spilled over into the online setting of pokies games. It seems that this misconception is even more popular now, since there are programs and logarithms for everything, and it is easy for people to believe that something like this exists for programming the slot machine to pay the players off in regular cycles.

                excitedgirlThe theory of the cycle of payoffs leads us to the next most common misconception, and it is the belief that the longer you play, the chances of winning are bigger. For people who believe that the payoff is due to occur after a certain number of games, it is not unordinary to play online pokies for a long time, feeling that they are closer to winning the jackpot with every new game they play. The truth is that online pokies, just like the land-based ones, operate on principle of random number generator. It is a quite simple algorithm that creates a different number with every spin, regardless of the number of games previously played on the pokies machine. This means that, no matter how hard it may be to accept, every pokies game is completely separate from the previous and the following one.


There is a misconception which is very common when it comes to online pokies, and it says that if there are few people on the server at the same time, it is more difficult to win the jackpot. Similarly, if there are many people on the server, playing the fame at the same time, it is easier to win the main prize. Once again, this is very far from the truth. Just as every game of pokies you play online is separate from all the previous and the following ones, the same thing is valid for the games of other players. Again thanks to random number generator, each pokies game played on the same server is completely unrelated to the other games of the same player or to the games of other players online.

                There are some other misconceptions about this popular casino game, but these are the most common ones, which people still tend to believe on large scales. In order to manage time and money you spend on online pokies, make sure not to be led by these false beliefs.

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Signs of gambling addiction

Posted by on Jan 31, 2016 in online casino

4010607With the availability of Internet connection and a vast number of casino websites, gambling has been brought to a new level and has exceeded the limits set by traditional brick-and-mortar casinos. Nowadays it is not necessary to visit a casino in order to gamble, but it is possible to be done from your PC, mobile phone or tablet; from your home or any place you may be and which has the access to the Internet. The development of mobile phones and operative systems has made it easier to play a game of Android or iPhone pokies, roulette, poker or any other game at any time and any place.

                poker-chipsPrecisely because of such ease of access to casino games and online gambling, it is believed that the number of gambling addicts is on the rise. It is true that everything should be taken in moderation, and the same goes for gambling. It is a common misconception that online gambling is more addictive, but the truth is that it is irresponsible behavior what creates an addict. If you lack self-control, you might get addicted to traditional gambling equally easily as to online gambling. Here are some of the signs of gambling addiction, and if you notice them in your behavior, you need to take steps against it:

  1. Feeling ashamed – one of the first steps that require a call for action is the feeling of shame when you gamble online. When a person feels ashamed, it means that they do something that should not be done or something that would be judged by their closest friends and family or by the community. If you used to play casino games just for fun or with smaller sums, but now you feel guilty and ashamed because of gambling, it is time to change your habits.
  2. Gambling secretly – when you start gabling in secrecy, it is one of the alarming signs that point at early gambling addiction. Together with the feeling of shame comes gambling in secrecy, without telling about your wins, losses and games to anyone. When you start gambling secretly, it also calls for action and requires some changes.
  3. No time or money limits – before you start gambling, it is important to set the limits in time spent playing the games, as well as the amount of money you bet. If you notice that you exceed the limits too often, especially if you keep raising them, you need to quit gambling.
  4. The gambler’s fallacy – this is a situation when a gambler starts believing that the more he plays, the chances are better that he will won. If you get caught in this trap, make sure that change your gambling habits and get back on the trace – the number of played games has nothing to do with the chance of winning.
  5. Wrong priorities – if you start placing online gambling before your other activities and chores, it is one of the signs that you have a problem. Choosing gambling over your work, family time, hobbies and the like is the alarm that starts ringing when it is time to quit gambling, or to set your priorities straight again.
  6. Risky business and financial problems – one of the most serious signs of gambling addiction is getting involved in risky business. Many gambling addicts will borrow money so they can go on gambling, and the next step is that they will steal it. If you notice any of these signs in your behavior, you should stop gambling and seek the help of an expert if needed.dices
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