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Capture Lots of Insta-worthy Pictures with Eccentric Inflatables from Bali Float Rental

Capture Lots of Insta-worthy Pictures with Eccentric Inflatables from Bali Float Rental Posted on November 27, 2018
Bali Float Rental
Bali Float Rental

With a help from Bali float rental, show off your precious holiday in Bali by displaying lots of cool photos on your Instagram. Even when you’re just lazing around in your villa. Do you know what BTS members did when they shot their Summer Package 2017? Yes, they played with inflatable pool floats. During the photo shoot, Jungkook and Jimin had so much fun with the Pegasus pool float. And the other members aren’t less excited about it. Don’t you think it is something pleasurable to spend your leisure time floating on cute big pool floats? Besides, you’ll be able to create bunches of dope photos for your social media accounts. In Bali, everything is possible, you know. And you can find almost anything in this exotic island, including this Bali float rental.

How hiring Bali pool floats can save you from a boring holiday

Bali is where luxury villas and resorts are abundant. Of course, renting a room doesn’t only give you accommodation or a place to spend the night and restore energy for tomorrow’s adventures. There are plenty exciting or relaxing things to do in your private villa. Booking one with private pool can give you more fun. When you’re just don’t feel like exploring Bali at the moment, pool floats Bali can save you from boredom. Float leisurely on your pool and takes bunches of awesome photos that invite bombs of likes and comments on your Instagram.

There are lots of float options that you can choose, from the cute Pegasus float and Unicorn, to foodie floaties like donut, pineapple, or watermelon. Pick one or two that suits your taste and preference well. The pizza float can be the best for groups. Hire 8 slices of pizza floats and you’ll have a whole round of pizza on your pool! Perfect for groupies. So, show off your best swimwear and be ready to get sun-kissed. As Bali is can be super sunny during the day, you may have to put on some sunscreen and wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the beaming sun.

Why hiring Bali pool floats in Wandernesia

With Wandernesia, you don’t need to wonder how you’ll get your pool floats pumped up and ready. Just stay at your villa, hotel, or resort and wait for your chosen float to arrive. Free delivery and pick up service available if you stay within Seminyak, Canggu, Umalas, Batubelig, Kerobokan, and North Denpasar areas. Head to to know more about Bali float rental and learn about more tempting offers on Bali activities and tours. (/yn)