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Waterbom Bali, A Little Paradise for Everyone

Waterbom Bali, A Little Paradise for Everyone Posted on November 27, 2018

Spend your leisure day in Bali chilling out or pumping up your adrenaline at Waterbom Bali. As the best water park in the entire Indonesia (and arguably also one of the best ones in Asia) Waterbom Park Bali has a little of something for everyone. Waterbom Bali is a perfect hideout to hang out where relaxation and fun can blend nicely together. There are up to 16 rides and attractions that will keep you and your group engaged. Even a day won’t be enough to try out everything in this little paradise.

Chill out and unwind yourself in the tranquil natural garden

Most of the time, we go on vacation to make ourselves more relaxed. If you are one of those travelers seeking for some tranquil places to rest, Waterbom Bali may serve you just well. 50% of the whole water park is a natural garden filled with verdant greenery including the rare native plants. This Bali water park has gazebos installed all over their garden area. You can hire one for your pleasure. So, you are free to just sit back and relax in your rented gazebos, enjoying the food and drink delivered there for you. Or, grab an inflatable float and head for a chilling ‘journey’ along the Lazy River, which is among the safe ride in Mellow level. Feel the tranquil ambiances of the area while you are floating on your swim ring.

Get thrilled by the extreme slides spread all over the lively water park

Not a fan of idleness? Be ready to try all the crazy Waterbom Bali rides that will make your heart beats faster. Let go of your stress and scream out loud as you glide quickly through the speedy waterslides. These speedy rides are within two levels: Moderate and Extreme. The waterslides are the reason why Waterbom Bali is so family-friendly. Teenagers and young adults love getting wet and wild. Waterbom Bali helps all free-spirited adrenaline junkies to smile from ear to ear. So, challenge your adrenaline and share the fun with your family and friends.

Besides all the rides and attractions that you can explore and experience, Waterbom Bali also contains some facilities for your food and shopping needs. After working on your appetite, you can fill up your tummy with some delightful meals and beverages from the restaurants, cafes, and street vendors that you can find all over the water park. So, you won’t be forced to leave the place with empty stomach.

FYI, Waterbom Bali uses cashless payment method. Before entering the park, you’ll get a SplashBand with which you can pay for everything. This SplashBand has credits, but don’t worry, there are counters in the park where you can just top up the credits to get more fun. Also, you can pre-paid your entrance ticket and get the credits for the standard rides by making reservation online through Wandernesia. Book your Waterbom Bali tickets in Wandernesia now and feel the advantages. (/yn)